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Proudly Made in America by Medi-Rub Corp.

Today’s family of Medi-Rub® 2000 Foot and Body Massagers are the result of more than 30 years of dedicated research and development, refinement and improvement.

They also represent Medi-Rub®’s commitment to designing, manufacturing and marketing the most technologically advanced massagers, which are the industry standard since 1976.

Built, And Backed, To Be The Best.
At Medi-Rub®, we are foot and body massager specialists. In fact, we manufacture no other equipment. Medi-Rub® massagers are the premier choice of doctors, chiropractors, physical and massage therapists and sport medicine professionals. Look for Medi-Rub® massagers, recommended in The Numb Foot Book by Dr. Mark Spitz for the treatment of peripheral neuropathy and diabetes.

To ensure consistent quality, craftsmanship and product availability, all Medi-Rub® 2000 Foot and Body Massagers are designed and MANUFACTURED RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA.

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